About Me

“Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning.” Maya Angelou.


When life unexpectedly changes in a dramatic fashion, we sometimes revert to more familiar, earlier experiences. This is how I arrived at the welcoming door of Voice Overs.

Returning to theatre workshops, singing and songwriting in the creative book town of Hay-On-Wye, I felt compelled to perform and be creative once again. After narrating a local theatre production, bags of improvisation with a little script devising and plenty of singing a few years ago, the familiarity of working with my voice became apparent. So I jumped on the wheel of voice overs in 2010, forging ahead with drive and ambition. It has been an on-going source of exploration, constant learning, achievement and enjoyment with a continuity of voice over variation.

Working for myself, creating my own agenda whilst setting my own goals has been a constant learning process, which I have embraced since my voice over training with Gary Terzza at VO Masterclass and further vocal coaching with Yvonne Morley. Many year’s of acting, speech, drama and elocution training via LAMDA and The Birmingham School of Speech and Drama (gaining medals and winning various acting festivals) has enhanced my standardised RP voice. Whilst working in my vocal booth, I can adapt to a variety of characters with articulation, clarity and precision. My voice has been described as reassuring, welcoming, warm, stylish and sophisticated for corporate work. Showing expressive, comical and seductive tones for characterisation. Variety is the spice of Voice Overs!

Whether I am recording a short sentence or a multi page script, it requires the right interpretation and vocal delivery, essentially engaging with your customer, listener or viewer by bringing scripts to life that provide maximum impact for your product, service or production.

With a love of rhyme, a further interest of mine is singing/song writing. I am very pleased with my first original song – How Do You Feel? which has been recorded and produced. A personal journey but creatively rewarding with hopefully plans for further songs in future months.
I am easy to work with, adaptable, flexible and above all professional and dedicated.


© 2015 Emma Wheeler.


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